RAMONA, Calif. – The video of a man throwing a dog over a fence was being shared on Facebook this weekend in hopes of identifying the suspect.

Karen Tavares posted surveillance video and said it was taken outside a commercial building on D Street in Ramona dated Thursday, August 28 at 6:11 p.m. It shows a man walking with the black dog up to a chain-linked fence and then he proceeds to toss the dog over it. The dog appears to land on its back before rolling over on the ground. The man walks away, leaving the dog behind.


“Dolly was very lucky, I am surprised she wasn’t injured … it was quit an extensive fall, at least it looks that way,” said Lieutenant Mitchell Levy with Carlsbad Animal Services. Tavares said the dog was discovered the next day in the late afternoon. She turned the surveillance video and the dog over to the San Diego County Department of Animal Services for further investigation.


“If it was someone’s dog and they didn’t want it, they could have brought to us. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, maybe there is an explanation for why he did what he did,” said Levy.


Animal services spokesman Dan DeSousa confirmed the investigation and asked anyone with information about the suspect has been asked to contact their Carlsbad office at 760-966-3224 or CrimeStoppers.


The dog was examined by a veterinarian and did not have any injuries, according to DeSousa. The dog is available for adoption in Carlsbad, CA.


Credit to: Fox5SanDiego.com