yan is outstanding!!! We adopted a 3 year old chocolate lab (Dixie) from a rescue. We had 2 labs for over 12 years so we considered ourselves “experienced” with dogs and thought we could train our rescue on our own. Our first walk outside of the house with our new rescue was overwhelming for us. Dixie had not been around other dogs and so as soon as she saw another dog (which our neighborhood is filled with dogs walking all over the place) she started to pull and bark with what initially appeared to be aggression. We learned that she was just over excited to meet new dogs and hadn’t been taught properly how to behave. I read everything I could find on how to get your dog to stop pulling on a leash and walk “loose leash”. Nothing seemed to work.  We took her to obedience class and the trainer told me that Dixie had “no impulse control” (Duh!). She advised that I needed to make myself more “exciting” than the dogs that we would encounter on our walks so that Dixie would pay attention to me instead. Truly I thought I might bust out laughing if it wasn’t for Dixie dragging me out of the store while barking like a maniac. I mean come on….I’m not a steak! I found Limitless Dog Training and Ryan has been our hero. He is a natural with the dogs….and mostly with the owners 🙂 He is calm and confident which helps because we started to become anxious whenever Dixie would be exposed to new things. His reassurance and knowledge about “why” some of the actions are important is what helped us to better communicate with Dixie. I know at first glance it may seem like a big chunk of time and money for dog training but I can guarantee you that it’s 100% worth every penny! Think about the amount of years that you will spend with your dog.  It’s like learning a new language.  How much do you think it’s worth to learn a new language? Dixie goes everywhere dogs are allowed now and we get compliments on what a beautiful well behaved dog she is. Ryan is the best investment we made to help integrate our newest “hairy family member”. Thank you Ryan!

Alisa H. From: Temecula Ca. On LimitLess Dog Training’s Yelp Page