Looking for a place to let your pup burn some steam in the Temecula/Murrieta California area? Look no further than Hero’s Dog Park in Murrieta, CA. There are actually 5 separate fenced off leash dog parks. The two primary and most frequented parks are directly in front of the parking lot. These most popular parks are grassed and also have basic, yet fun, agility equipment. On the left is a Large dog (over 30lbs) area and the grassed park to the right is a small dog (under 30 lbs) area.

It is recommended that your dog be neutered or spayed to avoid the obvious potentials. Essential vaccinations are required to enter the park, though records are not required. Remember to maintain a visual on your dog at all times and be ready to step in if they are irritating other park goers or getting out of hand. Having a clean safe environment for your dog to stretch their legs and socialize with other dogs is a vital part to having a happy well balanced pup.

  • Soccer Field – 1
  • Restrooms – YES
  • Picnic Structures – 2
  • Fitness Trails – YES
  • Acres – 14
  • Dog Park – YES (5 Separate Fenced In Dog Areas)